Our Backstory

Couture and Tee Shirts started from our original brand Denimchick.  Niche and Jas are a aunt and niece team.  Niche loves to dress up and follows the latest trends in fashion. Jas loves to be comfortable, but stylish.   We travel a lot and it was  always a problem to find just the right outfit to wear. We wanted to be able to put our feet up , bend , stretch and just feel comfortable on any trip, especially long ones.  

We  both love fashion and wanted to combine fashion and comfort.  Jas is always throwing on a Tee with her favorite pants or jeans, she really  loves Tee shirts.  Niche likes to express herself with changing her hair colors, styles, cuts and her look is always amazing, she never looks the same for more that a week or two. . Statement Tees , party dresses, skirts, jeans , shorts are a huge part of her daily style. Couture and Teeshirts we were constantly asked by friends to produce custom pieces for our Island Girls. So we decided to introduce  Island Gyal.  This has  grown into the Island Gyal Collection.  Caribbean ladies, and ladies with caribbean  heritage are part of our culture and we want to celebrate them. But not only for Island Girls, this Collection is ALL YEAR ROUND SUMMER STYLES   As the weather changes in the USA or other colder climates, you can still find fabulous summer style clothes for your warm weather  trips any time of the year.  And our Island Gyal is available all year round.  We live in Florida so we can attest to wearing our own designs anytime of the year.  

 Our designs are for the girl  who has a passion for unique pieces, quirky style , fancy Tees and love standing out from the crowd.  She is conscious about social issues,  quality and affordability.   Our tees are usually both  inspirational, motivational or female empowering graphic designs.  Being both of us are socially aware and believe in The Universal Laws we want  our clothes to be able to help someone feel empowered.  And at the same time be able to give back to both our community and someone in need.   

  We offer a SUBSCRIPTION service which allows a  pick of  one fab outfit out of a curated selection every month for a very low subscription price.  We also enjoy Charitable work, and have picked World Vision as our main organization .   Our  goal is to be able to help as many women as we can by donating $1 of every sale to www.Worldvision.org/women.

  We will be donating $1 of every item sold to World Vision.    We want to help in our own small way, whether its  women in poverty, human trafficking ,providing assistance with school supplies, you name it.  We hope our donation will make a difference . Just about anything that will inspire women  to become their  greatest self.


 Our favorite quote " I like people who have a sense of individuality.  I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that's natural and that's real".